Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today's Cool Links - Feb 24, 2009

MarketingProfs has three especially good articles today (apologies, a couple of these stories are for premium members only)...

Steal This List discusses how to improve email open rates with effective email subject lines and provides some compelling examples. The gist of what they say includes keep subject lines concise (35 characters or less), make it about the reader, provide a clear call to action, keep the message simple and clear, avoid all caps (my add - and the word Free) and include your brand.

I'd like to add that subject lines should cut to the core of the benefit to the recipient - what is the laser-focused value to them that gets them to open the email? I like to have subject lines that hint at providing value or content that imparts knowledge and enables people to work smarter, faster, more efficiently. Reflecting best practices of some of the world's top companies, something like Top tips to improve your email opens, in list or bullet form. And let the reader know the content will be focused, detailed and a quick, easy read.

Next is a good case study How a Franchiser Automated Its Marketing Support to Improve Efficiency, Profitability which talks about how Bay Area company Cartridge World worked with Saepio Technologies to create a centralized marketing resource center. Combining marketing automation, collateral development and asset management, it's made it much easier to create marketing materials, offers and content and while providing easy access to customizable templates, logos, and marketing collateral that complied with the company's branding standards.

Lastly from MarketingProfs in The Dark Side of Twitter: What Businesses Need to Know, as exciting as Twitter is as a new marketing platform there are pitfalls and challenges to be reminded of as you deploy a Twitter strategy for your business. Twitter can be a rapid catalyst for good news - and bad - about your business, products and services.

Rick Burnes of HubSpot's blog reports in Do You Use The Tools that 91% of B2B Buyer's Use on some Forrester research showing how social marketing has crossed the chasm of relevance and acceptance for B2B buyers. Social media is now mainstream in the B2B space.

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