Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's Cool Links - Feb 10, 2009

Some great links today from several different sources:

On MarketingProfs.com Kimberly Smith's article 'Four Steps to Marketing Smarter (and for Less) in Today's Economy' (may be available only for premium members; I highly recommend a premium membership btw) quoted Jonathan Salem Baskin, marketing strategist and author of Branding Only Works on Cattle, who stated "Think about shortening, or making more direct, the connection between marketing expenditure (or tactic) and some demonstrable behavior evidenced by the target customer or consumer." Today hard data and transactional marketing allows marketers to precisely determine what offers/messaging/cadence result in the most immediate and desirable end actions from your prospects.

On ClickZ Hollis Thomases wrote in Quantifying the Pass-Along Value of Online Advertising about a very cool company called Meteor Solutions, which has "developed a technology platform that allows media teams to connect the performance of paid media with the "organic lift" that occurs by word-of-mouth." Great way to measure the effectiveness of the viral benefits of online media.

And another terrific post from Pete Caputa on Hubspot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog Internet Marketers are from Mars. Traditional Marketers are from Venus on the differences between traditional and online marketers. I agree strongly with Pete about the greater emphasis on data, conversions and opportunity development versus brand building in a recessionary environment. Good stuff...

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  1. Glad to see another analytical marketer join the blogging ranks! :-)