Thursday, February 12, 2009

"We Interrupt This Message...'

Putting some more work into my lead gen white paper today, I'm reminded of the new state of the market as companies attempt to get their messages out and gain mindshare amongst targets and prospects. How is your company addressing the fact that more and more technologies are available to consumers to help them cut down the clutter and greatly reduce the traditional 'interruption-marketing' that has been going on for so long?

Brian Halligan, CEO & founder of HubSpot reminds us that as society becomes more and more inundated with interruption-messaging, technologies spring up that help us manage and cope with these unwanted messages. The prominence of tech's like Caller ID, Tivo, Sirius and spam filters all can be traced back to a market need to cut out the noise. As a result it's getting tougher to break through the clutter with outbound messaging tactics and new ways to reach targets need to be discovered. Companies like Brian's have blazed the trail of what they like to call inbound marketing, which gets your company found by prospects through the new channels and mediums by which people now do their research and due diligence - vehicles like blogs, social media, organic search, their own company website and the like. It's becoming increasingly critical to your overall lead gen strategy.

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