Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today's Cool Links - Mar 11, 2009

In the article Tips to Beat the Odds for Address-Book Addition on ClickZ today, Stefan Pollard talks about how to boost your chances for getting your emails past the spam filters and into the in-boxes of your intended targets. He cited some interesting data points including:
  • 53 percent of consumer e-mail recipients have added at least one permission-e-mail sender to their address books
  • On average, only 25 percent, or one in four companies, gets whitelisted
  • 75 percent said they unsubscribed due to message irrelevance, while 73 percent opted out because of high frequency
He states that keys to getting your emails whitelisted are:
  • Asking your front-line customer-service people what the number one issue your customers contact you about is and insure your messages reflect that
  • Insure that your landing page and e-mail opt-in process support your highest traffic-generating search terms. Someone who queries a search engine is actually asking a question. Does your landing page answer those questions or direct visitors to the answers?
  • Use survey data to improve relevance. Include quick polls or questions in your regular messages, or send standalone surveys, then store the responses in the respondent's profile. Use it to improve segmentation or to create dynamic content for future e-mail
  • Create messages triggered by page visits and time on site. This obviously is possible only with marketing automation and tracking s/ware, but the rich information provided when a prospect comes to your site is very valuable and insures highly relevant messages

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